Sustainable us

The keystone to our farm is regenerative agriculture, which means that we strive to improve the health of our soil and ecosystem through sustainable farming practices. Our goal is not only to produce high quality products but also to create a healthy environment that benefits both the land and our community. 

We are completely off-grid with no mains connection of any kind - our power is from solar and a wind turbine, our water is collected from the rain and we have a biocycle septic system.

Wind turbine

Through regenerative farming we aim to:

1. Increase soil health - we use techniques such as no till vegetable gardening, tea from worm farms, and mobile chicken tractors to increase the fertility and organic matter in our soils. Healthy soils lead to healthier crops and a more resilient ecosystem.

2. Promote biodiversity - We plant a variety of trees and vegetables to support the diversity of beneficial insects on our farm as well as having bee hives for cross-pollination and goats to reduce weeds and hence the need for harmful pesticides and herbicies.

3. Carbon sequestration - we recognise the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and actively work towards carbon sequestration. Our farming practices contribute towards the reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

3. Reduce waste - we use farming practices such as composting and no till vegetable farming to minimise waste and reuse natural resources. We also use a range of compostable and recycleable packaging reducing our environmental impact.

4. Support the local community - we believe in supporting our local community by selling our produce first locally through our home delivery and subscription service, making it accessible to all. We also support local community events throughout the year.

By choosing regenerative agriculture, we are not only producing healthy and sustainable food but also helping to protect and preserve our natural resources for generations to come. We hope you will join us in supporting regenerative farming and help to create a healthier and more sustainable future!

Listen to Will share our sustainable story with the team from Straight to the Source: