About us & what we stand for

We are a family of 5 with a small farm in the Southern Highlands town of Colo Vale. Our farm started in 2016 to show our kids where their food comes from. We also wanted to create a sustainable and regenerative farm focused on doing the right thing for the environment, the animals, our family and the community. Our aim is to have a balance between crops and livestock to balance the nutrient cycle free from pesticides and herbicides.

We started out with a small flock of 50 chickens to help improve the soils on our property. We now have 3 mobile vans on our 40ish hectares. Our hens always have access to pasture where they can scratch, forage and do what chickens love to do. 

More recently we added native beehives to our property. We currently have 20 traditional pine hives places on the edge of the Nattai Reserve at the back of our property. 

In 2020 we started growing oyster mushrooms, a great complement to your breakfast eggs. They are grown organically using sawdust and grass from our property and they have the added benefit of creating mushroom compost that we then use to nourish our veggies!

Veggies and microgreens have been added in late 2022 and we hope to offer farm tours in 2023 so you can see first hand how we manage our farm. Keep an eye out!


We appreciate your support,

Will & Connie Mussett